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South Asian Canadians Health & Social Services – SACHSS is a registered not for profit charity organisation, providing health care and social services to South Asian and all other communities and it offers culturally and linguistically appropriate services for South Asian men, women, seniors and youth, and other communities. SACHSS provides programs focused on Health Education, Health Promotion, Mental Health, Addictions, Stress Management, Anger Management and social services along with building a healthy community through empowerment of community members by helping with health and social programs for promotion of education and poverty elimination.

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Federal govt announces 988 new crisis line partner SACHSS
South Asian Canadians group joins ‘988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline’ in Brampton, Ont.
988 suicide crisis helpline launches across Canada
Government of Canada Announces Brampton-based 9-8-8 Network partner – SACHSS
Government of Canada Announces Brampton-based 9-8-8 Network partner – SACHSS
Federal Govt Announces New Crisis Line Partner – SACHSS – 988 program
South Asian Canadian Health and Social Services joining new 9-8-8 suicide crisis line
Canada Unveils Brampton-Based Partner for 9-8-8 Network
Government of Canada Announces Brampton-based 9-8-8 Network partner – SACHSS
Canada launches new 988 suicide prevention helpline
Stress Release Therapies By Dr.Maher Hussain
Spotlight with Amitha Mundenchira – Episode 178 – Dr. Maher Hussain
Road Safety & Impaired Driving – Dr Maher Hussain

SACHSS Online Afghan Relief Grand Musical Program
‘Trust Needed’: Indian community leaders react to South Asian Peel police initiative
South Asian Canadians concerned about underlying health risks that make covid 19 more dangerous
Forced to Adapt Due to COVID-19, South Asian Immigrants Concerned about Underlying Health Conditions
COVID-19 stress pushes South Asian men in Brampton to form a ‘circle of care that keeps growing’