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History of SACHSS - South Asian Canadians Health & Social Services

South Asian Canadians Health & Social Services- SACHSS was started in 2010 October by a team of professionals from South Asian background from the fields of healthcare, psychology, social services and other related fields, who are committed to services to the community, to provide healthcare and social services to South Asian and other communities.

SACHSS was incorporated as a registered not for profit organisation in January 2015.

SACHSS received its charity status as a registered charity organisation from Govt. Of Canada, from the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) in July 2019.

We offer our services in Hindi , Punjabi, Urdu, Tamil, Gujarati, Malayalam, Arabic, French and English. हिन्दी, ਪੰਜਾਬੀ, اُردُو‎, தமிழ் , ગુજરાતી, മലയാളം, اَلْعَرَبِيَّةُ, français

South Asian Canadians Health & Social Services – SACHSS is a registered not for profit charity organisation, providing health care and social services to South Asian and all other communities and it offers culturally and linguistically appropriate services for South Asian men, women, seniors and youth, and other communities. SACHSS provides programs focused on Health Education, Health Promotion, Mental Health, Addictions, Stress Management, Anger Management and social services along with building a healthy community through empowerment of community members by helping with health and social programs for promotion of education and poverty elimination.

SACHSS serves clients with treatment and counselling services for those mandated by the legal system for issues such as driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs (DUI), violence, domestic violence, anger management, sexual offences etc. SACHSS runs the PAR (Partner Assault Response) program for domestic violence and undertakes assessments and referrals to rehabilitation centres and intervention services for clients with addiction issues. We have highly qualified and experienced staff in the fields of Health Education, Health Promotion, Mental Health and Addiction. We give early, convenient and flexible appointments including evenings and weekends and provide prompt, detailed client reports. We serve all individuals and groups irrespective of their nationality, race, religion, ethnicity, language, colour, sexual orientation and preferences. Our main mission at SACHSS is to build healthy and vibrant communities. SACHSS received its Charitable status in 2019.

Our Story

Our Vision

To build healthy and vibrant communities by promoting the physical, mental and social health and well being of all individuals and empowering communities with good education and alleviation of poverty.

Our Mission

To promote and to help all communities in achieving and maintaining good physical, mental, social health, education and well being through health education, health promotion and other health related, educational, social and poverty alleviation programs.


The SACHSS is governed by a volunteer board members. The Board is comprised of accomplished and dedicated business and community leaders who are ultimately responsible for the foundation’s strategic direction and overall performance. By adhering to good governance practices, the Board ensures the foundation has the capacity and capability to meet both its short and long term goals.

Dr. Maher Hussain

Chief Executive Officer (Ex officio member)

Mr.Abu Becker


Mr. Iqbal Ali

Vice President

Dr. Mahvish Mustafa

Vice President, Programs and Services